Happy Body Now Clinic

Happy Body Now Clinic

Leave your visit feeling inspired and empowered with innovative tools designed to support a physically vital, happier body now.

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What kind of care are you looking for?

Primary Care

Well Visits for adults (age 20 and up!), preventive screening labs and physical exams.

Women’s Health

Integrative treatments for vaginal and menstrual disorders, PMS, PAP smears and STI testing.

Men’s Health

Specializing in testosterone hormone optimization therapy for men.

Menopause Medicine

You CAN have a happy body in menopause! A curated personalized approach is employed for the menopausal woman that often includes diet hack, movement therapy, herbal medicine and bioidentical hormone optimization (replacement) therapy.

Functional Medicine Endocrinology

Outside the box thinking when it comes to thyroid, adrenal, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.